A Harsh Winter May Be On the Way, But Insulated Siding Can Help

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Last winter, many people across the country became familiar with the phrase “polar vortex” as they battled subzero temperatures, heavy snows, and a longer-than-normal winter season. Depending on what source you reference for weather predictions, the 2014-2015 winter may not be better:

“With its traditionally 80% accurate weather forecasts, The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that this winter will be another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall throughout much of the nation.” (source)

When tough winters strike, homeowners that made the choice to add insulation and reduce air infiltration don’t experience the same winter pains as others. Lower energy bills, a quieter home on blustery winter nights, and more evenly-heated living spaces are just a few benefits of additional insulation.

You may think homes contain a good amount of fiberglass insulation in the walls, but it’s important to know that additional insulation is needed on the?outside?of the home. A recently article by The Times Herald?does a great job of explaining why more insulation is needed, and why products like Insulated Siding fit the bill:

“Today’s homeowners looking for ways to improve their home’s energy performance are increasingly choosing insulated siding ? vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation that is laminated or permanently attached to the panel. Think of it as adding an extra layer to ward off the cold.

Most exterior walls have insulation in between the wall studs but allow significant energy loss through the studs themselves, which are poor insulators. This is called ?thermal bridging.? Insulated siding improves energy efficiency by reducing thermal bridging. Like a blanket, it is continuous insulation over the studs, which helps homes stay warm in winter and cool in summer.”?

Watch this video?to learn how insulated siding can help protect homes (and pocketbooks) against harsh winters.

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