How to Select a Contractor in Four Easy Steps

July 16, 2018

Posted on within   A new remodeling project is a big investment in your home, and it’s important to choose the right contractor for the job. The quality of service provided by your contractor is just as important as the quality of the products you select for your home. The right contractor can provide an […]

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The 5 Most Common Problems With Vinyl Siding, Solved

July 12, 2018

Posted on within The 5 Most Common Problems With Vinyl Siding   In the past, some vinyl siding experienced problems like fading, sagging, cracking, etc. Vinyl siding manufacturing and installation has come a long way in recent years, and most of these problems are a thing of the past.   This article will discuss the […]

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Will Vinyl Siding Increase My Home’s Value?

June 26, 2018

Posted on within Whether you’re planning to stay in your home for a few years or a lifetime, it’s important to know which products will add to the value of the home when doing improvement projects. Vinyl siding is a great way to not only make a huge impact on the appearance of a home, […]

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5 Factors That Influence the Cost of Vinyl Siding

June 14, 2018

Posted on within   There are a lot of factors that can affect the total cost of new vinyl siding installation. Similar to buying a new vehicle, the cost can vary based on which options you choose. For example, a new SUV with cloth interior may cost around $25,000, while the same vehicle with leather […]

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How to Inspect, Repair and Maintain Vinyl Siding

May 17, 2018

Posted on within Vinyl siding is one of the lowest maintenance cladding products available on the market today. Over the last few decades, manufacturers have been increasingly producing vinyl to strict standards, protecting against fading, cracking, blow offs in extreme winds, and more.     One weakness of vinyl siding is the hollow void created […]

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How to Trim a Window for Insulated Vinyl Siding

April 10, 2018

In this article we’ll explain the three major steps to trim out a window for insulated vinyl siding. These are our recommendations for the best finished appearance, although there are many methods to install trim around a window.   Trimming out windows and doors is one of the most important steps when installing new siding […]

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What is Thermal Bridging, and How to Stop It In a Home

April 4, 2018

  Thermal bridging is the movement of heat across an object that is more conductive than the materials around it. The conductive material creates a path of least resistance for heat. Thermal bridging can be a major source of energy loss in homes and buildings, leading to higher utility bills.   Thermal Bridging in Homes […]

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Neopor Graphite Polystyrene: What It Is and How It Works

March 29, 2018

At Progressive Foam, we offer insulation products made from both expanded polystyrene (EPS) and graphite polystyrene (GPS), so we field a lot of questions about what Neopor GPS is and how it works. If you’re looking for highly energy-efficient, rigid insulation, Neopor GPS might be perfect for your project.   What is Neopor Graphite Polystyrene? […]

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Does Insulated Vinyl Siding Reduce Sound Transmission?

March 22, 2018

As the inventors of insulated vinyl siding, we have received hundreds of testimonials from customers over the years claiming that insulated vinyl siding made their homes quieter than before the siding was installed. Whether the noise was a neighbor’s barking dog, street traffic sounds, or a heavy thunderstorm, wrapping the home in a layer of […]

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2018 Energy Tax Credits: Does Insulated Siding Qualify?

March 8, 2018

Most federal energy tax credits for energy saving upgrades for residential homes expired at the end of 2016, while some were retroactively made available to purchases through December 31, 2017. Although there are currently no federal energy tax credit programs for 2018, there are many rebates and incentives available through state and local municipalities, as […]

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