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Insulated Vinyl Siding

Contoured siding insulation is permanently adhered to vinyl siding in the factory to make this two-in-one product with maximum performance benefits.

Fullback® V Vinyl Siding Insulation

Contoured insulation is custom cut to fit perfectly behind any vinyl siding, providing improved siding appearance over time, significantly increased durability, and a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Fullback® for Fiber Cement

Contoured insulation fills the gap between fiber cement siding and the wall, providing maximum energy savings and increased durability. Built-in alignment ridges allow for perfect fiber cement installation every time.

ProBoard® Insulating Sheathing

ProBoard helps level the wall under new siding, providing a consistent, stable base for siding to be installed. Available in original (EPS) and premium (Neopor).


Insulating sheathing with built-in drainage grooves, for times when moisture management is a top priority. The flat face allows it to be installed with any siding product.


Our professional grade fan-fold insulation products help insulate your job and level the wall under new siding. Available in original (EPS) and premium (Neopor).

ProBoard® Red Label

ProBoard Red Label features heavy duty film facers on both sides and is manufactured at a heavier density to significantly increase the strength of the panel compared to traditional EPS insulation products.


When installing engineered wood siding, Linebacker features alignment ridges to help make installation easy and perfect every time, while providing energy efficiency and leveling the wall under the siding.


This one-piece solution meets the homeowner’s desire to cover the exposed foundation of the home while also providing added insulation, comfort, moisture management and pest control. It provides a beautiful, finished appearance that can even be installed below grade–something you can’t do with fiber cement or traditional vinyl siding.

Chrome GPS™

The premium, professional-grade Rigid Insulation delivering higher, long-term R-value performance and a better overall value for the money compared to other materials. Chrome GPS delivers maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability for numerous construction applications.

Halo® Subterra

Perfectly Designed For Below Grade Applications. Subterra offers a high-performance GPS core that is laminated on both sides with a thick polypropylene film or an extra-tough cross-woven laminate (Subterra Plus).

Halo® Exterra

Perfectly Designed For Exterior Applications. Exterra offers a high-performance GPS core that is laminated on both sides with a precision-perforated film.

Halo® Interra

Perfectly Designed For Interior Applications. Interra offers a high-performance GPS core that is laminated on both sides with a reflective film. NEW! Fire-rated Interra® FR – with a clean, plain white interior facer – is now regionally available and is specially formulated to not require a thermal or ignition barrier (in the USA only) when installed on any interior wall surface.