Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you manufacture siding?

No, we do not manufacture siding products. We provide rigid foam insulation that is paired with many types of siding products.

We partner with many vinyl siding manufacturers to co-produce Insulated Vinyl Siding, where our insulation is permanently adhered to vinyl siding. Learn more about insulated vinyl siding

Do you sell directly to contractors or homeowners?

All PFT siding insulation products are sold through a distribution channel. To find a distributor near you that carries our products, use our distributor locator tool or contact our customer service team at 800-860-3626.

Do you accept returns?

Many of our siding insulation products are custom made to fit the particular siding they are installed with. Due to this level of customization, we are unable to accept returns.

Will adding insulation make my home quieter?

Adding a thick layer of insulation to a home can help dampen sounds from the exterior. Many satisfied homeowners have noticed an improvement in the quietness of their home. Please visit our Youtube channel for homeowner testimonials regarding sound dampening.

What pests does Preventol®TM EPS protect against?

All of Progressive Foam's siding insulation products are treated with Preventol®TM EPS, a systemic insecticide which protects the foam from termites and long horned Asian beetles. The active ingredient in PREVENTOL®TM EPS is used at low concentrations and is safe for installers and homeowners. The active ingredient is also commonly used for pest control, crop protection and as a topical treatment for flea and tick control on pets.

Can I use the same contoured foam for a different profile of siding?

No, all contoured insulation products are custom cut to perfectly fit the siding it will be paired with. In most cases, the foam is not interchangeable. We recommend only using the correct contoured insulation for your particular siding product.

What is the difference between insulated vinyl siding and FullbackV with vinyl?

Insulated vinyl siding (IVS) is vinyl siding with contoured insulation permanently adhered to the back. This process, called "lamination", is completed in the manufacturer's factory. The components arrive at the job site as one complete product.

FullbackV Siding Insulation is a foam-only product, paired with vinyl siding at the job site.  Learn more

How much does Progressive Foam insulation cost?

Depending on the brand of siding insulation that you choose, where you're located, etc. the price will vary. Additionally, each home is unique, and will require different amounts of labor and materials to complete the job. For an accurate estimate of how much your siding insulation will cost, please Request a Quote or contact our customer service team at 800-860-3626.

Is housewrap required when installing PFT products?

PFT always recommends that you use housewrap with all of our siding insulation products. Housewrap reduces or eliminates the amount of bulk water than can come in contact with the wall. However, if you choose not to use housewrap, it will not void our product warranty.