Siding Insulation Warranty

Progressive Foam Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty

We stand behind all of our siding insulation products with the strongest warranty in the industry, so you can rest assured that the benefits enjoyed today will continue for the life of your home. This warranty covers the siding insulation underlayment for as long as you or the subsequent owner lives in or owns the home or building where the Progressive Foam siding insulation is installed.

Our warranty is a down-to-earth demonstration of the confidence we have in our product, and what we will do to make it right in the unlikely event that something would ever go wrong.

Our Warranty Promises Your PFT Siding Insulation Will...

Maintain Its Energy Saving Benefits

We warrant that the actual thermal resistance of your siding insulation will not vary by more than 5% from the system "R"-value printed on the label. "R-value refers to the resistance to heat flow. The higher the "R"-value, the greater the insulation power of the underlayment.

Maintain Its Structural Integrity

We warrant that the structural integrity of your siding insulation will remain intact for the lifetime of your home. Because it does not absorb or retain water, it is not affected by freeze-thaw cycles and will not deteriorate or break down over time.

Allow Your Home to "Breathe"

We warrant that the permeability of your siding insulation will maintain its permeability rating through the life of the product. Permeability refers to resistance to the movement of water vapor. Refer to the technical data sheet for permeability guaranteed for your particular Progressive Foam siding insulation product.

Not Absorb More Than 3% Water or
Contribute to Moisture Damage

Progressive Foam siding insulation products have been installed on homes since 1992 and have undergone extensive testing. Both real-life experience and third-party testing have conclusively demonstrated that when properly installed, Progressive Foam siding insulation will not absorb more than 3% moisture OR CONTRIBUTE TO WATER OR MOISTURE DAMAGE IN ANY WAY.

In the event that your siding insulation is proven to have not performed in accordance with this warranty, and all appropriate steps outlined in this warranty have been taken to validate your claim, we will:

  1. Deliver to you a quantity of equivalent siding insulation. Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. will pay for material and labor to replace your non-performing siding insulation; OR
  2. If we are unable to provide a replacement insulation, or if you agree with us to accept a refund, we will refund to you the original purchase price of the non-performing siding insulation.

What to do if you believe your PFT siding insulation is not performing as promised

To submit a claim, you must mail written notice of the suspected variance to: Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc., 6753 Chestnut Ridge Road, Beach City, Ohio 44608.

After we have received your notice of suspected variance, you will need to provide us with samples of your siding insulation product and siding so that the "R"-value and/or permeability of the samples may be determined. We require that one of our authorized representatives be present to observe the removal of the samples.

You will be required to pay for all costs resulting from the removal of your siding insulation product and siding samples, including the replacement of these samples, and all of the costs resulting from the testing of the samples. If laboratory tests prove that the siding insulation on your home is defective, Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. will refund the cost of sample removal and testing.

How to make sure this warranty applies to your PFT siding insulation

In order for this warranty to apply, we require that the siding insulation be installed according to our specifications, recommendations and application instructions in effect at the time your siding insulation is installed; and as a complete system including our appropriate accessory products. You may obtain a complete list of the siding insulation specifications, recommendations and application instructions by contacting us at the address below. We also require that you provide proof of purchase from an authorized Progressive Foam siding insulation dealer or the date of manufacture found on the siding insulation package.

Any alterations, damage or repairs made to your siding insulation must be made in a manner prescribed and accepted in advance by Progressive Foam, in writing. We do not warrant the compatibility of any other product used in conjunction with your siding insulation.

We have not authorized any of our representatives to make any representations or promises to you, except for those contained in this Warranty, and there are no warranties or guarantees that extend beyond the terms of this Warranty. ALL STATE LAW-IMPLED WARRANTIES OR MECHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY LIMITED TO THE SAME LIFETIME DURATION OF THE LIMITED WARRANTY SET FORTH ABOVE. Note: Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state.

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