Behind the Scenes: Making Insulated Vinyl Siding

Posted on June 29, 2016 within
laminated vinyl siding

Watch Progressive Foam make it’s signature product

Pat Culpepper, president of Progressive Foam, talks about how the company began bonding contoured foam to vinyl siding after others said it couldn’t be done. He also explains the processes involved.

The company began developing its process in 1992 and now makes 3,000 different shapes of contoured foam able to match up with as many types of vinyl siding. The foam makes the insulated vinyl siding look and feel like wood and allows for a completely flat, more durable and wider surface.

Progressive Foam’s specialized process begins with wire cutting large blocks of foam for an exact match to each type of siding using a CAD program. The foam is laminated to the siding with specialized adhesive and the finished product is inspected before being packed for shipment back to the manufacturer.

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