How Much Does Siding Insulation Cost?

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When people are considering making improvements to their home, one of the most important questions they ask is ?How much will it cost?? This also tends to be one of the most difficult questions to answer, primarily because each home is unique and every homeowner’s preferences are different.

When it comes to siding insulation, there are many factors that can influence how much it will cost, including but not limited to:

  • where you live (will influence shipping and availability)
  • the design of your home
  • the specific product or trim details you choose
  • the contractor that will be installing the product
  • the time frame you want the job completed in, etc.

Keeping all these variables in mind, we recommend that you have a qualified contractor come out to your home to provide accurate pricing for the project you’re thinking of starting. He or she will take accurate measurements of your home, assess your unique situation and generate an accurate price based on your needs. (If you would like to be contacted by a qualified contractor for a quote, please enter your information here or call Progressive Foam at 330-756-3351.)

However, we understand that it may be important to have a ballpark idea of job cost before a contractor comes to your home. That’s why we refer to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report to provide one reference point for price. The report shows that the additional cost of installing new foam backed vinyl siding (vinyl siding with siding insulation laminated to the back during the manufacturing process) is approximately $2,545 more than traditional vinyl siding, or adds about 22% additional cost.

Because siding insulation is an energy saving product that will reduce your utility bills as long as it is on your home, you may be interested in seeing how much money you can expect to save with the product. We recommend that you have a certified Energy Rater perform an energy audit on your home before your siding insulation is installed with new siding to give you a more accurate idea of your estimated energy savings.

In addition, your new siding insulation could also qualify for a tax credit or rebate due to its energy saving properties. These incentives are sometimes provided by the federal, state and local government, and even the utility companies themselves! We encourage you to visit to find out more informationa bout the potential savings in your state!

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