North Carolina Remodeler Becomes First in the State to Offer FullbackFC Siding Insulation

Posted on August 9, 2013 within
Joe Bass, Co-Owner of My Guys Remodeling

Joe Bass, Co-Owner of My Guys Remodeling

When MY GUYS Remodeling chose to install new FullbackFC siding insulation on a large residential job in Raleigh, North Carolina, they became the first company in the state to offer this new, innovative product. We sat down with MY GUYS co-owner Joe Bass to learn about their experience with the product.

My Guys- FullbackFC2

Q: Why did you decide to use FullbackFC?

I knew it was a Progressive Foam product, and I was excited to use it. We want to make sure we keep up with the newest technology and offer our customers something that’s new and innovative.

We wanted something to give us separation from the remaining competition; they had five contractors coming out to bid the job. Some of the things we were offering, including the insulation, set us aside from the competition and we were able to win the project.

Q: How did you overcome the additional cost of using insulation??

Adding another material and another step, it’s going to be more expensive, but I have found in the long run that people will pay for quality. You can build value in the product based on how you’re benefitting from the product. Now with FullbackFC, we’re able to provide a product that adds insulation with the fiber cement siding, so that’s going to be very popular.

Q: Will you use FullbackFC again?

We will definitely use the product again. It is a well thought out product, it worked out really well. I’m thoroughly impressed. We will be offering it because we feel it gives us separation in the industry.

Q: Did you initially have concerns about using a new siding insulation product:

Being that it’s a new product and it’s the first time you’re using it, it’s going to be a little more difficult up front.

The issues we were concerned with were the thickness of the insulation, the substrate behind the siding, and getting that to hold the Hardie plank on the wall with the proper nail set. It was a well thought out product, it worked out really well. I’m thoroughly impressed with the product.

My Guys- FullbackFC

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