Modified 3/4/13- The NAHB Research Center has officially changed its name to Home Innovation Research Labs effective February 12, 2013. 

BEACH CITY, Ohio (December 10, 2009) – Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. has reached another milestone in getting the green attirbutes of its energy efficient building products nationally recognized. Home Innovation Research Labs has awarded Fullback Siding Insulation the Green Approved product mark that qualifies it as one of the energy-efficient building products that earns points towards National Green Building Certification.

Fullback Siding Insulation is an insulating exterior underlayment made of contoured high-performance EPS foam that can be shaped to fit any siding profile. The energy efficient building product significnatly reduces energy consumption and improves the look and durability of a home’s exterior.

The building standard recognizes that by installing Fullback® Siding Insulation under exterior cladding like vinyl siding, design and construction practices are being implemented that enhance the durability of materials and reduce in-service maintenance.

“Receiving HIRL’s Green Approved product mark for Fullback® Siding Insulation is a great success for our company,” Progressive Foam’s President Pat Culpepper said. “Our energy-efficient building product now complies with the nationally recognized definition of ‘green building’ and is identified with a mark that helps builders and specifiers choose energy-efficient building products that contribute points to National Green Building Certification.”

Fullback® Siding Insulation is an energy-efficient building product made of contoured high-performance EPS foam that is placed behind any exterior siding product. It is manufactured by Progressive Foam at its headquarters in Beach City, Ohio.

Progressive Foam also manufactures Fullback Insulated Siding, a composite, energy-efficient product that is sold through vinyl siding manufacturers. Some vinyl siding manufacturers that offer Fullback® Insulated Siding products have also achieved Green Approved status for their energy efficient building products.

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Under the National Green Building Standard™, builders or remodelers must incorporate energy efficient building products with a minimum number of features in resource efficiency, water, energy, lot and site development, indoor environmental quality and homeowner education for a home to receive NAHB’s Green Building Certification. The termite resistance of Fullback® Siding Insulation qualifies for two to six resource efficiency points, depending on its incorporation with other energy-efficient building products.