Insulated Foundation Finishing System

Unique system simultaneously finishes and insulates exposed foundations.

This one-piece solution meets the homeowner’s desire to cover the exposed foundation of the home while also providing added insulation, comfort, moisture management and pest control. It provides a beautiful, finished appearance that can even be installed below grade–something you can’t do with fiber cement or traditional vinyl siding.

Beauty that Lasts

  • A premium, thick polymeric shell permanently adhered to Neopor insulation provides excellent resistance to impact from rocks, weed trimmers and construction activity
  • Color-matched Top- and Bottom-Channels create a clean-looking finish
  • Long-term beauty: FoundationPRO won’t crack or peel and its shell is fade resistant for color that lasts
  • Above or below grade application

Outstanding Insualtion

  • High-performance Neopor insulation
  • R-value options of R-5, R7.5 and R-10 help meet energy code requirements
  • Boosts thermal performance by maximizing thermal mass of the concrete wall
  • Provides true Continuous Insulation to create a “thermal break”

Moisture Management

  • Exceptional breathability and a nearly 5.0 permeance rating
  • Skin and insulation that are laminated with innovative adhesive technologies perform flawlessly in all weather
  • A special locking system ensures seams stay tight in any weather

Easy Installation

  • FoundationPRO can be installed in any weather
  • There’s no extra step for coating
  • Easy three-piece installation: insulated siding panel, and top and bottom channels
  • Lightweight, yet job-site tough

Technical Documents

FoundationPRO Brochure (pdf 0.52 MB)

FoundationPRO Data Sheet (pdf 0.18 MB)

FoundationPRO Install Instructions (pdf 0.89 MB)