Tip of the Week: Using a Heat Demo Box

Posted on September 6, 2017 within

PFT Installation Expert Jared shows our hot box demo tool, and a few tips on how to use it. The hot box dramatically shows energy efficiency versus energy wasting.

Inside the hot box is a red heat lamp. The left side has a piece of traditional fiber cement siding. The right side has insulated vinyl siding. Once the box heats up, you can place your hand on each piece of siding. On the left, you will feel the heat radiating through the panel. The right side, with insulated siding, is much cooler to the touch.

Using a temperature gun, you can also take accurate readings of each side. You will notice the side with insulated siding has a much lower reading, usually around 30 degrees lower.

This thermal image also shows how dramatically the insulated siding slows down the transfer of heat compared to the other siding panel.

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