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"I wouldn't have gone in the direction of vinyl if it wasn't for the insulated product. I liked that there would be some insulation value, but in the end it was probably the sturdiness of the product that I really liked."

-Mark, Louisiana

Durable Siding

Fullback®V siding insulation provides vinyl siding with exceptional durability and strength, protecting your home against even the harshest elements.


Impact Resistant Durable Siding

Adding contoured EPS insulation behind quality siding significantly increases the impact resistance of the panel because the foam acts as a shock absorber to dampen the blow from objects like hail, baseballs, or rocks thrown from your lawnmower. Learn more about impact resistant siding>

 Wind rating

Siding Wind Rating

Fullback®V siding insulation eliminates the hollow void between your vinyl siding and the wall, which makes it more difficult for wind to get behind your siding. This eliminates rattling and provides your siding with extra durability against the toughest winds. Vinyl siding paired with Fullback®V can even sustain Category 5 Hurricane Winds! Learn more about siding wind rating>

 water damage and rot

Impervious to Water Damage and Rot

Fullback®V siding insulation channels bulk water out of the wall and allows air to move through the system, sufficiently drying the wall and eliminating the potential for expensive mold, mildew and rot problems. Learn more about durable siding that's impervious to water damage and rot>

 length of siding life

Length of Siding Life

By adding high-quality, contoured insulation behind vinyl siding, you add strength to the product and reduce the possibility of the siding getting damaged by wind, debris and pests. The result is an extended life for your premium vinyl siding, backed by the strongest warranty in the industry. Learn more about the durable lifetime insulated siding>


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