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Best Siding Materials with Environmental Responsibility

How Does Siding Insulation Impact The Environment?

use less energy

Less Energy Used to Manufacture and Install

The way a product is manufactured and installed has a huge effect on it's environmental impact. Fullback®V siding insulation is made from easily extractable ingredients in an efficient manufacturing process, and minimal waste is generated when it's installed on the home. Learn more manufacturing siding insulation materials>

reduce pollution

Reduced Pollution Over Time

Because Fullback®V is an insulation product, it will reduce your energy use and carbon emissions for as long as it's on your home. And since it only requires an occasional cleaning with soap and water, you won't need to use any ozone-depleting paints, stains or caulks to maintain it's beautiful appearance. Learn more about the best house siding insulation materials>

green building product

Recognized as a Green Building Product

Many organizations have been developed to help consumers easily identify environmentally friendly products and easily cut through the "green washing". Fullback®V has been recognized as a green building product by many of these major organizations. Learn more about the best siding materials> 

environmentally responsible manufacturer

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturer

Progressive Foam is committed to the responsible management of all water, electricity and other resources involved throughout our manufacturing process. We are continually improving our operations in order to create the best siding options, more sustainable products and business practices. Learn more about the best siding insulation materials>

Learn more about insulated vinyl siding or request a siding quote today.


To verify the impact that Insulated Vinyl Siding has on the environment through third-party sources, Progressive Foam completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Life cycle assessment of siding


life cycle of siding tested

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