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Siding Textures

Vinyl siding profiles are available in varying textures, from deep wood grain to smooth, which replicates sanded, sealed and painted wood. Specialty vinyl siding profiles like shake siding and shingles are also available in a variety of textures to simulate authentic cedar shakes. This assortment of house siding textures makes wood grain vinyl siding suitable for a wide range of architectural styles, providing the look of real wood without the worries of rotting, swelling, warping, chipping, peeling, fading or insect infestation.

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Woodgrain   Smooth   Rugged

Woodgrain siding


smooth siding


rugged siding

Many wood grain patterns
are available in today's
vinyl siding to recreate the
various looks of wood, 
without the worries of
rotting, swelling, warping
chipping or pealing.   


Smooth or sanded wood grain
replicates sanded, sealed and
painted wood. These siding textures
are ideal to showcase on the
monolithic exteriors of Greek
Revival, Italianate, or Georgian


Rugged textures that
simulate rough sawn cedar
shakes can enhance the
rustic look of Cape Cod
or Craftsman styles.