Take energy savings to the next level with Neopor®

What is Neopor?

Neopor is graphite polystyrene, a material patented by BASF, used to create highly efficient insulation products. 

How is Neopor Different?

BASF integrates high-purity graphite into the material, giving the foam insulation a dark gray color. The graphite particles reflect radiant heat, significantly improving the energy efficiency of the insulation. Neopor can provide up to 20% more energy savings than traditional white expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation.


Other Insulation

Warm air trying to move towards cold air is slowed by air pocket in the foam. This trapped air is a poor conductor of heat, making the insulation "energy efficient". Although the heat is slowed, it still finds the most direct way through the insulation. 


Neopor Insulation

The graphite component of Neopor causes the heat to be reflected hundreds of times as it moves through the insulation. This significantly slows the transfer of heat, making Neopor more energy efficient than traditional EPS insulation.


When insulating, we want to slow heat transfer as much as possible. Image that heat is a person on a path. A path with many turns (Neopor) would take longer than a straight path (EPS). 

Neopor vs. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

  • Neopor achieves greater insulating effect than EPS, with the same amount of material
  • Neopor can be easier to install: debris from cutting is less noticeable, and the dark gray boards are not as bright in the sunlight 

Neopor vs. Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

  • On a cost per r-value basis, Neopor is typically a more cost effective insulation
  • Neopor is more permeable than XPS, allowing water vapor to pass through the wall, protecting against moisture damage
  • Unlike XPS, Neopor can easily be formed into custom shapes, like FullbackV, for added features and benefits

Insulated Siding with Neopor

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