The ideal choice for all interior applications

PFT is a proud manufacturer of Halo products. Halo Interra is powered by Neopor, the new standard in thermal insulation developed by BASF. Thanks to millions of graphite infrared absorbers and heat reflectors that reduce thermal conductivity, Neopor GPS provides a long-term thermal performance of R5 per nominal inch*.


Built-in vapor barrier eliminates the need for poly.

Energy Efficient

Continuous GPS insulation creates a thermal break and eliminates the energy loss from thermal bridging in the wall assembly.


Can reflect heat back into the home or building (dead air space required)

Termite Resistant

Interra is protected from insect degradation with a specially formulated insect inhibitor**. Completely safe for pets and humans.

**Finished goods manufactured by Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. specifically for Canadian distribution do not contain insect inhibitor.


NEW! Fire-rated Interra® FR – with a clean, plain white interior facer – is now regionally available and is specially formulated to not require a thermal or ignition barrier (in the USA only) when installed on any interior wall surface.


Technical Documents

Halo Brochure (pdf 5.58 MB)

Halo Safety Data Sheet (pdf 0.17 MB)

Halo Zero Thermal Drift Guarantee (pdf 0.04 MB)

Storage and Handling (pdf 0.04 MB)

Halo Interra Installation Guide (pdf 5.85 MB)

Halo Interra FR Sell Sheet (pdf 1.07 MB)

Halo Interra Data Sheet (pdf 0.13 MB)

Halo Interra FR Data Sheet (pdf 0.11 MB)

Halo Interra CSI Specs (doc 0.08 MB)

Halo Interra FR CSI Specs (doc 0.08 MB)

Halo Subterra Interra Exterra