Red Label means extreme strength

ProBoard Red Label

ProBoard Red Label features heavy duty film facers on both sides and is manufactured at a heavier density to significantly increase the strength of the panel compared to traditional EPS insulation products.

Standard EPS

Moisture Management

Red Label is made with StayDry Technology, a proprietary manufacturing process that makes the insulation 3x more breathable than comparable products. 


Energy Savings

Neopor is graphite-enhanced insulation that reflects radiant heat, providing up to 20% higher r-value compared to EPS insulation. And unlike XPS and ISO, Neopor’s r-values are stable and will not deteriorate over time.


Cost Savings

Neopor is often significantly less expensive than comparable XPS insulation products. Get higher performance for the same price, or the same performance for a lower price.

ProBoard Red Label

Dimensions = 4x8
Film: red 3 mil, reflective 3mil
Thickness = 1/2"+ (15 psi), 3/4" (15 psi), 1" (15psi), 1.5" (15psi), 2" (15psi)
Density= 1.5#
Water Vapor Permeance: up to 2.6

Made with Neopor

Take energy savings to the next level

ProBoard Red Label  siding insulation is made with graphite-enhanced Neopor. Neopor provides up to 20% more insulating value than standard EPS, allowing for more energy savings with the same amount of material.  Learn more about Neopor


White EPS

EPS is a closed cell, rigid foam insulation made of 98% air and 2% plastic. EPS has been proven to be a safe material which provides excellent thermal insulation properties.


Neopor® has similar properties to EPS, but contains high-purity graphite particles which reflect heat as it passes through the insulation, slowing it down. This graphite gives our Premium Series insulation its super-efficiency and dark gray color.