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Thanks to new advancements in our manufacturing process, our Premium Series ProFold and Proboard Insulating Sheathing are now breathable! Whether you’re a new user of our products, or have been installing them for years, this new product feature can be used immediately to differentiate your business.


In recent years, moisture management has become a very hot topic among the building science community. Moisture trapped in the walls of a home can generate mold and mildew, leading to problems such as compromised structural integrity of the home, or medical conditions for the building’s inhabitants.


The average family of four generates 4-6 gallons of water daily through basic activities like cooking, bathing, and even breathing. Adding insulation to a home tightens the building envelope to reduce energy loss and lower utility bills, but can also create potential moisture problems if that moisture can’t escape through the walls.


Our insulation products that have been around for over 20 years, such as insulated vinyl siding, and have always helped protect against moisture concerns with sufficient breathability. However, traditional fanfold and sheathing products on the market, made of XPS or EPS with film facers, are not breathable.


Luckily, that has changed! ProFold Premium and ProBoard Premium are now made with StayDry Technology, a proprietary manufacturing process that makes the insulation three times more breathable than those comparable products. With a perm rating up to 2.5, these flat foam products can help protect the home from potential moisture damage by letting water vapor generated inside the home to escape.


We’ve created a simple tool to help demonstrate the difference in breathability between our premium series products and traditional XPS insulation. On one side, we have a piece of ProBoard Premium, sealed around the edges, with water sitting on top. On the other side is a piece of XPS, sealed the same way. As I force air into the chamber with ProBoard, you can see bubbles are generated in the water, showing that it is breathable while still providing insulation value. On the XPS side, air being forced into the chamber cannot make it’s way through the foam; although it also provides insulation value, it is not as breathable.


You can have the confidence knowing that you will have a complete breathability story with our ProFold Premium and Proboard premium, no matter where they fall in your product offering!


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